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One of Schutz' earliest works, from his Italian Madrigals, 1611.

Lyrics: Giambattista Marina

Ride la primavera, torna la bella Clori, odi la rondinella, mira l'herbette e i fiori.
Ma tu Clori pił bella, nella stagion novella.
Serbi l'antico verno, deh, s'hai cinto il cor di ghiaccio eterno.
Perchč, ninfa crudel, quanto gentile, porti negl'occhi il sol, nel volt'aprile?

Spring is laughing, beautiful Clori returns, listen to the swallow, gaze on the grasses and flowers.
You, Clori, are still more beautiful in the new season.
The old winter is holding you fast, your heart is encased in eternal ice.
Why, cruel and lovely nymph, does the sun shine in your eyes and April in your face?
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Heinrich Schutz
(1585 - 1672)

Ride la primavera

(S.S.A.T.B. + reduction)

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