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Glee guying the (perennial) infatuation with all things Italian of English men of fashion. The joke is an old one. Henry Lawes for example fashioned an "Italian" air by setting an index of first lines. This Ode can be successfully updated by substituting the composers' names by pasta shapes or Serie A stars.

Lyrics: Anon, probably the composer

Ah! Palestrina, Vento, Faustina,
Strada, Tartini, Galuppi, Nardini.
Pergolesi, Jomelli, Vinci, Leo, Farinelli,
Buononcini con Martini, Perez e Corelli.
Ah! Perez e Corelli.

Ah! Caporali, Galli, Pasquali,
Frasi, Pugnani, Tenducci, Guadagni.
[Rauzzini, Sacchini, Margarita, Nicolini]
Ah! Pesceti e Cervetti, Nozi e Giardini,
Ah! Nozi e Giardini.
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Henry Harington
(1727 - 1816)

Harington : Ode to the memory of Italian virtuosi : illustration

Ode to the memory of Italian virtuosi

(S.A.T.B. + reduction)

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