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A popular glee, adopted by folk singers such as the Copper family.

Lyrics: Anon

Dame Durden kept five serving girls to carry the milking pail,
She also kept five labouring men to use the spade and flail.
'Twas Moll and Bet and Doll and Kate and Dorothy Dreg'al Tail,
And John and Dick and Joe and Jack and Humphry with his flail.
'Twas John kissed Molly, and Dick kissed Betty,
And Joe kissed Dolly, and Jack kissed Kitty and Humphry with his flail,
And Kitty was a charming maid to carry the milking pail.

Dame Durden in the morn so soon she did begin for to call,
To rouse her servant maids and men she then began to bawl.
'Twas Moll and Bet, &c.

'Twas on the morn of Valentine the birds began to prate:
Dame Durden's servant maids and men, they all began to mate.
'Twas Moll and Bet, &c.
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Henry Harington
(1727 - 1816)

Harington : Dame Durden : illustration

Dame Durden


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