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Overture - 2. Song Tune - 3. Song Tune - 4. Aire - 5. Hornpipe - 6. Aire - 7. Hornpipe - 8. Aire - 9. Minuett

The first Song Tune is "Britons strike home". Although anodyne to the modern ear this was, in the century following its composition, the patriotic song without rival. When ordered to play it, the band could be relied upon to create in Tommy Lobster a berserker-like fighting frenzy, be it on the Heights of Abraham or in the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

This suite comes from "A collection of ayres, compos'd for the theatre" pub. J. Heptinstal for Frances Purcell soon after the composer's death. Conceived for strings, but also suitable for wind bands.
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Henry Purcell
(1659 - 1695)

Purcell : Bonduca : illustration


(String or reed band)

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