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From Sacrarum concentuum.... liber primus, pub. Venice, 1594.

Lyrics: Psalm 46, v.1-3

Deus noster refugium et virtus: adjutor in tribulationibus quae invenerunt nos nimis.
Propterea non timebimus dum turbabitur terra, et transferentur montes in cor maris,
Sonuerunt, et turbaae sunt aqae eorum; conturbati sunt montes in fortitudine ejus.

God is our hope and strength: a very present help in trouble.
Therefore will we not fear, though the earth be moved: and though the hills be carried into the midst of the sea;
Though the waters thereof rage and swell: and though the mountains shake at the tempest of the same.
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Claudio Merulo
(1533 - 1604)

Merulo : Deus noster refugium : illustration

Deus noster refugium

(S.S.A.A.T.T.B.B. + reduction)

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