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From "A collection of glees, catches and canons.... composed by Benjamin Cooke, organist of Westminster Abbey". London, c.1780.

Lyrics: Ludovico Ariosto

Deh, dove senza me, dolce mia vita,
rimasta sei s giovane e s bella?
Come, poi che la luce dipartita,
riman tra' boschi la smarrita agnella,
che dal pastor sperand'esser udita,
si va lagnando in questa parte e in quella,
tanto che 'l lupo l'ode da lontano,
e 'l misero pastor la piang'invano.

Without me, my sweet life, beshrew me, where
Art thou bestowed, so beautiful and young!
As some lost lamb, what time the daylight fair
Shuts in, remains the wildering woods among,
And goes about lamenting here and there,
Hoping to warn the shepherd with her tongue;
Till the wolf hear from far the mournful strain,
And the sad shepherd weep for her in vain.
(trans. William Stewart Rose)
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Benjamin Cooke
(1734 - 1793)

Cooke : Deh dove : illustration

Deh dove

(S.A.T.B. + reduction)

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