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Hutcheson, son of the Scottish philosopher of the same name, was an amateur composer who published this and other works under the pseudonym of Francis Ireland. To create a martial atmosphere Hutcheson has quoted as the first two bars Purcell's "Britons strike home" (Bonduca); the quintessential militaristic song of this era.

Lyrics: George Granville, Lord Lansdowne

Bacchus to arms; the enemy's at hand,
Laura appears; stand to your glasses, stand.
The god of love the god of wine defies;
Behold him in full march in Laura's eyes.
Bacchus to arms, and to resist the dart
Each with a faithful brimmer guard his heart.
Fly, Bacchus fly; there's treason in the cup,
For love comes pouring in with ev'ry drop.
I feel him in my heart, my blood my brain.
Fly, Bacchus fly; resistance is in vain;
Or craving quarter fill a friendly bowl
To laura's health, and give up all thy soul.
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Francis Hutcheson
(c.1722 - 1773)

Bacchus to arms

(S.A.T.B. + reduction)

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