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Billington issued two sets of "glees selected from the Scotch songs" in the late 1780s, to satisfy two contemporary enthusiasms: that for mixed sex social music, and that for all things North-British. The current arrangement comes from the second set.

These glees were selected from a repertoire of well-known Scottish songs that had been anthologised in the previous seventy years.

Lyrics: Allan Ramsay

The last time I came o'er the moor
I left my love behind me,
Ye powers, what pains I do endure
When soft ideas mind me!
Soon as the ruddy morn displayed
The beaming day ensuing.
I met betimes my lovely maid
In fit retreats for wooing.

The next time I go o'er the moor
She shall a lover find me,
And that my faith is firm and pure,
Though I left her behind me.
Then Hymen's sacred bands shall chain
My heart to her fair bosom;
Then while my being does remain,
My love more fresh shall blossom.
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Thomas Billington (arr.)
(1754 - ?1832)

The Last time I came o'er the moor

(S.S.B. (or T.T.B.))

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