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"A Favorite Duett Sung by Mr. Johnstone & Mr. Incledon at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden: and by Mr. Dignum and Mr. Sedgwick at the Je ne sc'ai quoi Club.The Accompaniments by Mr Gray".

The earliest known appearance of the tune (with entirely different words) was in Samuel Arnold's "Surrender of Calais", 1791. It is uncertain whether Arnold composed the tune or adapted it from elsewhere. It achieved widespread popularity under the title "From night to morn" and was in the late twentieth century employed for the morris dance "Broad Cupid" (Badby).

Lyrics: Anon

From night 'til morn I take my glass
In hopes to forget my Chloe;
But tho' I take the pleasing draught
She's ne'er the less before me:
Ah, no, no, no, wine cannot cure
The pain I endure for my Chloe.

To wine I flew to ease my pain
Her beauteous charms created,
But wine more firmly bound the chain
And love would not be cheated:
Ah, no, no, no, wine cannot cure
The pain I endure for my Chloe.
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Wine cannot cure


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