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Jean de Castro: Cantantibus organis (1588)
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Jacopo Antonio Cardillo: Cantantibus organis
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Bath and Somerset Composers
Michael Arne
William Beckford
Elway Bevin
William Boyce
Robert Broderip
John Broderip
James Brooks
James Cantelo
Thomas Chilcot
John Clarke-Whitfeld
Robert Creighton
William Croft
James George
Henry Harington
William Herschel
Thomas Linley
William Linley
J. Matthews
Benjamin Milgrove
John Okeover
Venanzio Rauzzini
John Christopher Smith
Samuel Webbe (junr.)
Anon  Back to top
How stands the glass around? (c.1729). A.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Epitaph on General Wolfe (c.1760). A.T.B. (or T.T.B.).  Play/print/buy
    Elegy on the death of Miss Maria Linley (c.1784). A.T.B..  Play/print/buy
Michael Arne (c.1740 - 1786)  About the composer  Back to top
This cold, flinty heart. S.S.A.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Yet awhile, sweet sleep, deceive me. S.S.A.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
William Beckford (1760 - 1844)  About the composer  Back to top
Phaeton overture. 2Fl.2Ob.2Cl.2Bsn.2Tpt.2Hn.Timp.2Vn.Va.Vc.Cb..  Play/print/buy
Elway Bevin (c.1555 - 1638)  About the composer  Back to top
Browning. Any instruments (3).  Play/print/buy
    Magnificat and Nunc dimittis (Dorian). S.A.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
William Boyce (1711 - 1779)  About the composer  Back to top
Tell me, lovely shepherd. S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
John Broderip (1719 - 1770)  About the composer  Back to top
Arise and hail the sacred day. S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Awake up my glory. S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Behold, I bring you glad tidings. S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    By music, minds an equal temper know. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Elegy on the death of Mr Shenstone. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Gentle Cupid, lend an ear. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    God is our hope and strength. S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Love's a gentle gen'rous passion. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Music the fiercest griefs can charm. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    O God, thou art my God. S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    O pray for the peace of Jerusalem. S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    The beauty of Israel is slain. S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    When Delia on the plain appears. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
Robert Broderip (1758 - 1808)  About the composer  Back to top
Adieu the sweets of verdant spring. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Blithe is the bird. Song.  Play/print/buy
    Care enough, enough of sorrow. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Say sleep, that late my eyelids closed. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Sweet is the breath of balmy morn. S.S. or T.T..  Play/print/buy
    Turn, lovely Gwen. Song.  Play/print/buy
    Why should man, with fancied sorrow. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Ye woods, with grief. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
James Brooks (1760 - 1809)  About the composer  Back to top
'Twas on the Severn's sedgy margin. Song.  Play/print/buy
    Come, dear Amanda, quit the town. S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Dimpled pleasure, ever gay. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Forever, fortune, wilt thou prove. S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Gently touch the warbling lyre. S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Had I a heart for falsehood framed. A.T.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    He that loves a rosy cheek. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    John followed his wife to the grave. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Let us drink, the glasses fill. A.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Life is a jest. A.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Life is chequered. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Louisa. S./T.2Vn.Va.Vc..  Play/print/buy
    Now the moonbeam's trembling lustre. S.S.A.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    O'er the smooth enamelled green. A.T.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Queen Mab's song. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Sweet contentment, no resentment. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Thirty six select pieces for a military band (vol. 1). 2Cl.Bsn.2Hn..  Play/print/buy
    Thirty six select pieces for a military band (vol. 2). 2Cl.Bsn.2Hn..  Play/print/buy
    Thirty six select pieces for a military band (vol. 3). 2Cl.Bsn.2Hn..  Play/print/buy
    Thirty six select pieces for a military band (vol. 4). 2Cl.Bsn.2Hn..  Play/print/buy
    Through verdant plains. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Twas within a mile of Edinborough Town. S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Who to my wound. S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    William and Ann. S./T.2Vn.Vc..  Play/print/buy
    Ye streams through the valleys that rove. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Young Damon was a shepherd boy. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Zephyr haste, ah swiftly fly. A.T.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
James Cantelo (fl.1785 - 1790)  About the composer  Back to top
Six favorite minuets. Kbd./Hp..  Play/print/buy
Thomas Chilcot (c.1707 - 1766)  About the composer  Back to top
Come live with me (full accompaniment). S./T.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Come live with me (reduced accompaniment). Song.  Play/print/buy
    Come, thou monarch of the vine (full accompaniment). S./T.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Come, thou monarch of the vine (reduced accompaniment). Song.  Play/print/buy
    Fill, kind females (full accompaniment). S./T.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Friends of play and mirth and wine (full accompaniment). S./T.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Hark, hark the lark (full accompaniment). Sop./Ten.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Hark, hark the lark (reduced accompaniment). Song.  Play/print/buy
    On a day (full accompaniment). Sop./Ten.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Orpheus with his lute (full accompaniment). Sop./Ten.Fl.2Vn.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Orpheus with his lute (reduced accompaniment). Sop./Ten.Fl.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Pardon, goddess of the night (full accompaniment). Sop./Ten.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Pardon, goddess of the night (reduced accompaniment). Song.  Play/print/buy
    Place beneath a spreading vine (full accompaniment). S./T.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Take, O take those lips away (full accompaniment). S./T.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Take, O take those lips away (reduced accompaniment). Song.  Play/print/buy
    The choir awake (full accompaniment). S./T.2Ob.2Tpt.Timps.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Wedding is great Juno's crown (full accompaniment). S./T.2Fl.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
John Clarke-Whitfeld (1770 - 1836)  About the composer  Back to top
Savourna deligh, shelah O. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
Robert Creighton (1639 - 1734)  About the composer  Back to top
Magnificat and Nunc dimittis in C. S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Magnificat and Nunc dimittis in Eb. S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
William Croft (1678 - 1727)  About the composer  Back to top
Courtship a la mode. String or reed band.  Play/print/buy
    Funeral, The. String or reed band.  Play/print/buy
    Lying lover, The. String or reed band.  Play/print/buy
    Sonata no. 1 in E major. 4Vn.Continuo.  Play/print/buy
    Sonata no. 2 in B minor. 2Vn.Continuo.  Play/print/buy
    Sonata no. 3 in F major. 2TrRec.2Vn.Continuo.  Play/print/buy
    Sonata no. 4 in F major. 2Vn.Continuo.  Play/print/buy
    Sonata no. 5 in Bb major. 2Vn.Continuo.  Play/print/buy
    Sonata no. 6 in B minor. 2Vn.Continuo.  Play/print/buy
    Twin rivals, The. String or reed band.  Play/print/buy
James George (fl.1750)  About the composer  Back to top
Concerto no. 1 in D major . 2Vn.(conc).2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(rip).  Play/print/buy
    Concerto no. 2 in F major . 2Vn.(conc).2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(rip).  Play/print/buy
    Concerto no. 3 in Bb major. 2Vn.(conc).2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(rip).  Play/print/buy
    Concerto no. 4 in C major. 2Vn.(conc).2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(rip).  Play/print/buy
    Concerto no. 5 in D major. Fl.Vn.(conc).2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(rip).  Play/print/buy
    Concerto no. 6 in E major . Vn.Vc.(conc).2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(rip).  Play/print/buy
Henry Harington (1727 - 1816)  About the composer  Back to top
Dame Durden. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Fair Bath auctioneer, The. Song.  Play/print/buy
    Farewell dear shade. T.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Go gentle soul. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Go to the ant. T.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Ianthe. T.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Merry Peg. T.T.T..  Play/print/buy
    My father had a daughter. S.S.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    O thou whose notes. A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Ode to the memory of Italian virtuosi. S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Queen Mab's march. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Success to our innocent social delight. T.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Turn, fair Clora. S.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Weep gentle shepherds. S.S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    When first sweet love. T.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    When Zion's sons did mourn. T.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
William Herschel (1738 - 1822)  About the composer  Back to top
Sonata no. 1 in C major. Vn.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Sonata no. 2 in Bb major. Vn.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Sonata no. 3 in G major. Vn.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Sonata no. 4 in D major. Vn.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Sonata no. 5 in F major. Vn.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Sonata no. 6 in A major. Vn.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Symphonia no. 1 in G major. 2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(optional).  Play/print/buy
    Symphonia no. 2 in D major. 2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(optional).  Play/print/buy
    Symphonia no. 3 in C major. 2Bsn.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(optional).  Play/print/buy
    Symphonia no. 4 in D minor. 2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(optional).  Play/print/buy
    Symphonia no. 5 in F minor. 2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(optional).  Play/print/buy
    Symphonia no. 6 in Bb major. 2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(optional).  Play/print/buy
    Symphonia no. 7 in D minor. 2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(optional).  Play/print/buy
    Symphonia no. 8 in C minor. 2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(optional).  Play/print/buy
    Symphonia no. 9 in F major. 2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(optional).  Play/print/buy
    Symphonia nr. 10 in G minor. 2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(optional).  Play/print/buy
    Symphonia nr. 11 in F minor. 2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(optional).  Play/print/buy
    Symphonia nr. 12 in D major. 2Ob.2Hn.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd(optional).  Play/print/buy
    Symphonia nr. 13 in D major. 2Fl.2Hn.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd(optional).  Play/print/buy
    Symphonia nr. 14 in D major. 2Fl.2Ob.2Hn.Tmpi.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd(optional).  Play/print/buy
    Symphonia nr. 15 in Eb major. 2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(optional).  Play/print/buy
    Symphonia nr. 16 in Eb major. 2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd.(optional).  Play/print/buy
    Symphonia nr. 17 in C major. 2Ob.Bsn.2Hn.Tmpi.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd(optional).  Play/print/buy
    Symphonia nr. 18 in Eb major. 2Ob.2Hn.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd(optional).  Play/print/buy
    Te Deum. S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
Thomas Linley (1733 - 1795)  About the composer  Back to top
A bumper of good liquor. T.T.B. .  Play/print/buy
    Ah! What avails the sprightly morn of life. S.T.B.Continuo.  Play/print/buy
    Dry be that tear, my gentlest love. S.S.B..  Play/print/buy
    Fly to my aid, O mighty love. S.T.B.Continuo.  Play/print/buy
    From blushing morn to evening mild. S.T.B.Continuo.  Play/print/buy
    He who could first two gentle hearts unbind. S.T.B.Continuo.  Play/print/buy
    In thousand thoughts of love. S.T.B.Continuo.  Play/print/buy
    Let me, careless and unthoughtful lying. S.A.T.B.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Parent of blooming flowers. S.T.B.Continuo.  Play/print/buy
    Sling the flowing bowl. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    This bottle's the sun of our table. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    While music invites to the grove. S.S.B..  Play/print/buy
    Ye sportive loves that round me wait. S.T.B.Continuo.  Play/print/buy
Thomas Linley (the younger, 1756 - 1778)  About the composer  Back to top
Ariel, who sees thee now. S.Ob.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Come unto these yellow sands. S.Ob.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Ere you can say. Song.  Play/print/buy
    Hark, the birds melodious sing. S.S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    O bid thy faithful Ariel flight. S.Ob.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    While you here do snoring lie. Song.  Play/print/buy
William Linley (1771 - 1835)  About the composer  Back to top
Come away, death. Song.  Play/print/buy
    Epitaph on an infant. T.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Hark! From yon ruined abbey walls. A.T.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Now the blue fly's gone to bed. A.T.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Now the hungry lion roars. Song.  Play/print/buy
    On the down of a thistle I fly. A.T.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Orpheus with his lute. Song.  Play/print/buy
    Saw ye pass by. T.T.B..  Play/print/buy
    Sweet Echo sleeps. S.A.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Take, O take those lips away. Song.  Play/print/buy
    When that I was and a little tiny boy. Song.  Play/print/buy
    Would you the fairy regions see?. A.T.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Ye little troops of fairies. A.T.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
    Zephyr, whither art thou straying?. A.T.T.B. + reduction.  Play/print/buy
J. Matthews (fl. 1800)  About the composer  Back to top
Royal machine, The. S.S.S. or T.T.T..  Play/print/buy
Benjamin Milgrove (1731 - 1810)  About the composer  Back to top
Ah lovely appearance of death!. A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    All ye that pass by. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Awake and sing the song of Moses. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Brethren, let us join to bless. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    By me, O my saviour stand. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Captain of thine enlisted host. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Come, let us join our cheerful songs. S.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Expectant at Bethesda. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Forget thee I will not. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Glory to God on high. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    He comes, He comes, the judge severe. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Hearts of stone, relent. S.A.T.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Ho. Everyone that thirsts draw nigh. S.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Holy Ghost, dispel our sadness. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    How happy are we. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    How sad our state by nature is. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    How shall I speak my Saviour's worth. S.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Jesus, my all, to heaven is gone. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Lord, thine image Thou hast lent me. S.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Now begin the heav'nly theme. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    O dearest Lord, take Thou my heart. A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    O Jesu, my God. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    O Jesus, everlasting God. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    O love divine, what hast thou done!. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    O patient, spotless Lamb. S./T.B.Org..  Play/print/buy
    O Zion, afflicted. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    O'er those gloomy hills of darkness. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Praise the Lord, who reigns above. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Rise up, my spouse, thy bridegroom waits. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Rose had been washed (keyboard accompaniment), The. Song.  Play/print/buy
    Rose had been washed (orchestral accompaniment), The. S.2Fl.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Spirits of the just, The. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Strangers and sojourners below. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Take my poor heart just as it is. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    The blessed Jesus is my Lord, my love. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    The cross! The cross!. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Think now, dear Jesus. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Thou dear redeemer, dying Lamb. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Thou Lamb of God once slain. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Thou shepherd of Israel and mine. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    What can a sinner do like me. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    What tho' my frail eyelids refuse. S.A.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    What voice is this I hear. S.T.B.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
John Okeover (?1590 - ?1663)  About the composer  Back to top
Pavana a 5 in A minor. 2Vn.2Va.Vc..  Play/print/buy
    Pavana a 5 in D minor. 2Vn.Vn./Va.Va.Vc..  Play/print/buy
    Phantasia a 5 in C major. 2Vn.Vn./Va.Va.Vc..  Play/print/buy
    Phantasia a 5 in D minor. 2Vn.Vn./Va.Va.Vc..  Play/print/buy
    Phantasia a 5 in G minor. 2Vn.Vn./Va.Va.Vc..  Play/print/buy
Venanzio Rauzzini (1746 - 1810)  About the composer  Back to top
Avon's side, The. Song.  Play/print/buy
    O why my locks so yellow. Song.  Play/print/buy
    Quartet in A major, Op. 2 no. 4. 2Vn.Va.Vc..  Play/print/buy
    Quartet in Bb major, Op. 2 no. 2. 2Vn.Va.Vc..  Play/print/buy
    Quartet in C major, Op. 2 no. 6. 2Vn.Va.Vc..  Play/print/buy
    Quartet in D major, Op. 2 no. 5. 2Vn.Va.Vc..  Play/print/buy
    Quartet in E major, Op. 2 no. 3. 2Vn.Va.Vc..  Play/print/buy
    Quartet in Eb major, Op. 2 no. 1. 2Vn.Va.Vc..  Play/print/buy
    To fair Fidele's grassy tomb. S.T.B.Kbd.  Play/print/buy
    Topsail fills, the waving bark unmoors, The. T.Ob./Cl.Bsn.2Vn.Va.Vc..  Play/print/buy
    Village maid, The. S.2Fl.Bsn.2Hn.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd./Hp..  Play/print/buy
John Christopher Smith (1712 - 1795)  About the composer  Back to top
O Hermia fair (full accompaniment). S.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    O Hermia fair (reduced accompaniment). Song.  Play/print/buy
    Orpheus with his lute (full accompaniment). S.Ob.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Orpheus with his lute (reduced accompaniment). Song.  Play/print/buy
    Sigh no more, ladies (full accompaniment). S.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Sigh no more, ladies (reduced accompaniment). Song.  Play/print/buy
    Where the bee sucks (full accompaniment). S.2Ob.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    Where the bee sucks (reduced accompaniment). Song.  Play/print/buy
    You spotted snakes (full accompaniment). S.Fl.2Vn.Va.Vc.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
    You spotted snakes (reduced accompaniment). S.Fl.Kbd..  Play/print/buy
Samuel Webbe (junr.) (1768 - 1843)  About the composer  Back to top
Adeste fideles. 2Vn.Va.Vc. .  Play/print/buy